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Feelware - accessible household appliances for blind and visually impaired people.

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Household appliances such as electric cookers, ovens, washing machines and tumble dryers can be equipped with the Feelware Audio voice output to be accessible for blind and visually impaired people.

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Feelware BV
Vogt 21
52072 Aachen

Phone: +49 241 980 967 40
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With the demo kit, you can test and try out the Feelware audio retrofit for washing machines and cookers.

Feelware audio demo kit for advice centers

Try the Feelware voice output and show it to others! With the demokit, you can test and demonstrate the Feelware audio voice output for washing machines, dryers and cookers. Ideal for outpatient advice and for use in advice centres.

The Feelware Audio control knob is mounted on the program selector switch of the washing machine.

Feelware audio retrofit for washing machines

The retrofittable voice output from Feelware makes your washing machine speak. Audible announcements help you to set the right washing programme and provide useful information on operating the appliance. For more independence and quality of life.

The Feelware Audio control knobs are plugged into the cooker in place of the original rotary knobs.

Feelware audio retrofit for cookers and ovens

Cook and bake with ease and safety.Cookers and ovens learn to speak with the Feelware Audio retrofit. Accessibility for your appliance thanks to audible announcements of settings. The system can be adapted to many different models of appliances.

The Feelware Audio control knob is mounted on the program selector switch of the tumble dryer.

Feelware Audio retrofit for tumble dryers

The Feelware audio retrofit is installed to the existing tumble dryer and announces the settings as a voice prompts. For greater convenience and safety during operation.

The talking microwave is painted dark and is operated using 2 rotary knobs located on the right-hand side at the front of the microwave. The upper knob is used to set the cooking mode and power. The l

Talking microwave with grill Severin FW7762 Audio

The talking microwave with grill function announces all settings and provides practical cooking recommendations in speech. Thanks to the flat ceramic base without a turntable, handling and cleaning is a breeze.

A mini oven with voice output. The oven door is hinged to the front. There are two golden-brown croissants in the cooking compartment. The loudspeaker for the voice output is located on the oven.

Talking mini oven Steba KBM23 Audio

The talking mini oven from Feelware is ideally suited for small households and it is fully accessible thanks to its voice output. All programme settings are announced and, you can receive audible cooking recommendations for many dishes on demand.


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