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The Deutsche Hilfsmittelvertrieb gGmbH (DHV) is located in Hanover, Germany. We are one of the biggest providers for aids for the blind and partially sighted. Our products and services are designed to make your everyday life easier. Our product range includes home, school, work, household or hobby.

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Deutscher Hilfsmittelvertrieb g.GmbH
Bleekstrasse 26
30559 Hanover

BlindShell Classic 2 Red

BlindShell Classic 2

BlindShell 2 with its physical keyboard and voice control is easy to understand and quickly learned with more than 30 applications and functions. Now available with a web browser, YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Lookout, CovPass-App and much more.

Comde telescopic folding cane TF 28

Comde telescopic folding cane TF 28

Comde telescopic folding cane TF 28
The “Mercedes” among the white canes is the multi-section telescoping folding cane made of lightweight aluminum Due to the backlash-free plug-in connection, the long stick has a very good transmission.

Hable one

Hable One-the braille controller for a smartphone

This smart remote control(Bluetooth) makes it extremely easy to operate smartphones and tablets. All possible hand gestures can be carried out with just eight keys and text is entered in the classic way with a Braille machine (6-dot-Braille).

Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor

Talking blood pressure monitor

With the blood pressure monitor, you can measure your blood pressure quickly and easily and save the measured values with the date and time. If cardiac arrhythmia is present
you are warned. The volume of the voice output can be adjusted.

TechniSat Digitradio 3 Voice

TechniSat Digit3 Voice

The Digit3 Voice with offline voice control
The radio (FM+DAB) can be controlled with 19 voice commands, e.g. switch on/off, change audio source, volume, etc.
The radio has a CD player, mp3 playback (via USB) and line input

Victor Reader Stratus 12 M

Victor Reader Stratus 12 M

This user-friendly audiobook and music player is specially designed for blind and visually impaired people. It plays audiobooks in Daisy format. Additionally you can play normal music and audiobook CDs.


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