MIRAcle Robert Bieganski Malgorzata Bauer Sp.J.

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Information about the company

We are Polish manufacturer of elektonic magnifiying devices for people with vision disfunction. Our end users are persons with serious vision dysfunction. Our company has developed device uniqe on a global scale, dual-screen magnifier Exigo for distance vieving and desktop tasks.

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MIRAcle Robert Bieganski Malgorzata Bauer Sp.J.
Ul. Piotrkowska 145
90-434 Lodz

Phone.: +48 602222704
Fax: +48 426363838

Exigo in a classroom. The top screen shows the picture from the board, the bottom screen shows the picture from the book.

Exigo Two-screen magnifier

The first and only two-screen magnifier for distance viewing and desktop tasks. Highly recommended for students and learners. Exigo enable students to work simultaneously in the far and close vision range.Exigo has been successfully applied for diagn

Spider magnifying glass, an enlarged text from the newspaper below is displayed on the screen.


Spider is your best choice for all reading and writing tasks: homework, office work, manual tasks that require precision. The magnifier is Android-based, so you can work simultaneously with the computer and the magnified text.

A tall man reads a document on a Pulchra Es enlarger.

Pulchra Es

It’s a fixed magnifier with movable arm and touch screen. Magnifier is dedicated to visually impaired people with multiple disabilities who cannot use a traditional magnifier because of mobility limitations, spasticity, paralysis.

Pearl5 magnifying with phone on book. Text displayed on screen: yellow letters on a blue background.

Pearl 5

Pearl 5 is a unique electronic magnifier whose heart is an ultra-fast smartphone. Its design enhances and improves the best features available in “traditional electronic magnifiers”. It boasts features and functions unseen in other magnifiers.


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