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Overflow offers simple yet innovative and practical solution for visually impaired. Our paperless braille system, Versa Slate is portable and erasable. This affordable and clever device is always ready to braille. Flowy is magnifier and screen-reader all-in-one software for your PC and mobile phone converting ...

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Overflow Biz, Inc,
801, 20, Seongsuil-ro, Seongdong-gu
4793 Seoul
South Korea

Phone: +82 2 465 3450
Fax: +82 2 465 3452

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Flowy is a magnifier and screen reader all-in-one software for your PC and cell phone that turns normal devices into powerful screen readers.
AI magnifiers and screen readers. No fancy gadgets required.

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Versa Slate

VersaSlate is a paperless and erasable, mechanically operated Braille system. No electrical components. This native device makes it easy to correct typing errors. Versa Slate is portable and very durable, making it easy to use.


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