Bundesverband der Rehabilitationslehrer/-innen für Blinde und Sehbehinderte e.V.

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The picture shows the logo of the federal association. Turned on its side, the result is a variation of the letters "R" and "L" in Braille. "RL" stands for "rehabilitation teacher".

Information about the company

Are you looking for a rehabilitation teacher? Then our federal association is the right place for you. We stand for high quality of trainings in orientation and mobility as well as practical life skills. That's why we cooperate with service providers, visually impaired people and their associations.

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BV Rehalehrer BuS
Bundesverband der Rehabilitationslehrer/-innen für Blinde und Sehbehinderte e.V. (Orientierung & Mobilität / Lebenspraktische Fähigkeiten)
c/o Maria Schüller
Genter Street 3
13353 Berlin

Phone: +49 800-5565164
Fax: –

The picture shows a blind woman ironing laundry.

Instruction in Daily Living Skills (DLS)

Spilled honey at breakfast, no ironed shirt left in the closet? What now? In a training in activities of daily living, a course tailored to your individual needs, you can learn techniques and strategies for your everyday life.

The picture shows a blind woman learning in the kitchen together with a rehabilitation teacher for LPF. Rehabilitation teachers for LPF in your area

Rehabilitation teachers for O&M in your vicinity

You’re looking for a rehabilitation teacher for Daily Living Skills right now in your vicinity? Please use the link below and enter your federal state or postal zip code for the search.

The picture shows a blind woman working on the stair technique together with a rehabilitation teacher.

Rehabilitation teachers for O&M in your area

Are you looking for rehabilitation instructors for orientation and mobility right now and in your area? Then follow the link below and enter your state or postal code to search.

The picture shows a blind woman boarding a subway train with her long cane.

Instruction in Orientation & Mobility (O&M)

You don’t feel safe alone in traffic due to a visual limitation? In an individualized course of instruction, you can, for example, learn to use the white cane and reach your goals (shopping, bank, doctor) independently once again.

Ein Plakat, das für den Job als Rehalehrer:in wirbt.

Become a rehabilitation teacher now!

Are you looking for an interesting, varied job in the world of blind and visually impaired people? Become a rehabilitation teacher. A job with a future that focuses on people and offers prospects in employment or freelance work.

A training situation at a construction site. The roadworks barque communicates with the blind person's cell phone and informs them that they have to cross the road because of the roadworks.

Science and research

We work together with companies from science, research and development in our field. Samsara, for example, deals with technologies for AMD users. We are working with the company RTB on the Loc.id meta-app, about which we provide information here.


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