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Sensotec offers solutions for people with visual impairments. Both visually impaired and blind people can come to Sensotec for visual aids and advice. Sensotec is both distributor and producer of aids (both hardware and software) that make a real difference in the lives of this special target group

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Man with Daisybox for listening to Daisy books online


The Daisybox, is the most user-friendly online DAISY player on the market. This device combines simplicity with powerful streaming capabilities, text-to-speech and audio playback and on- and offline reading. This is your ideal reading companion.

Go-box device with screen with enlarged subtitles and sound symbol

Go-box +

The Go-box+ allows visually challenged individuals to follow subtitles on classic TV and via streaming channels such as Netflix. This device combines the functionality of enlarging the subtitles (Vo-box) with reading the subtitles aloud (Go-box).

young student uses my Board buddy in the classroom

my Board Buddy

my Board Buddy brings the smartboard close by. Via wireless connection, the image on the smartboard is delivered to a screen close to the student/user. They can determine the magnification themselves with an intuitive remote control or app.

Man uses Orcam stand with newspaper

Orcam booth

The OrcamRead stand allows the OrcamRead to be used hands-free as a reading device. Thanks to this portable stand, the user no longer needs to point and the camera is always correctly aimed. The OramRead also charges while placed in the stand.

logo SensoReader

SensoReader app

The SensoReader app (available for iOS and Android) is a Daisy-app that connects libraries to the SensoReader generic server at low cost. This allows even smaller libraries to share Daisybooks with their readers using the Daisy standard and DOPD.

logo SensoReader

SensoReader server

The SensoReader server is a generic DOPD server hosted by Sensotec that can be shared with other organizations.
This enables smaller libraries worldwide to offer Daisybooks with the Daisy standard to their readers.


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