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Product: Actilino – compact Braille note-taking device


The Actilino features 16 concave Braille elements and a very quiet Braille keyboard. Thanks to ATC technology, the Actilino provides an incomparable reading experience. It offers numerous internal functions and is 420g light.
16-digit Braille marker Actilino inclined

Product highlights

  • 16 concave Braille elements with cursor routing, adjustable pen thickness
  • Patented ATC technology: relaxed reading without pressing the shift button
  • Integrated organizer functions such as editor, calculator, planner, etc.
  • Write, read and send messages via smartphone or PC
  • Ergonomic and very quiet Braille keyboard
  • Multi-Bluetooth for Braille and sound with 3 devices simultaneously
  • Audio pairing with the iPhone
  • 16 GB storage space
  • Battery life up to 30 hours

Product images

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