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Product: IKONN SB-1 bathroom scales


IKONN SB-1 is a digital family bathroom scale with a large, stable high-strength steel and tempered glass platform and high capacity. It features a high-contrast display and visually appealing design. Simply step on to the scale to measure your weight.
Front view of the IKONN SB-1 bathroom scale. The scale has a large white screen with black lettering at the top and is otherwise completely white, with the Unwired Things logo at the bottom.

Product highlights

In combination with the IKONN Controller, it can provide weight measurements in native language audio and adds the ability to provide BMI measurement.

Precision: 100 g/0.2 lb
Capacity: 0 – 250 kg
Units: kg / lb / st
Batteries: 3 x 1.5V AAA
Dimensions: Glass 330 mm x 300 mm x 26 mm
Weight: 1.34 kg

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