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Product: JAWS & JAWS modules


The functionality of JAWS is already quite extensive, but there are software applications that are difficult or even impossible for screen reader users to use. The reason for this is that accessibility was not taken into account when programming the applications. Many applications, such as telephone exchanges, are already fully optimized with our JAWS modules. Additional changes are possible to reflect the individual characteristics of the workplace.
JAWS logo + "modules" in the middle, surrounded by a green circle of puzzle pieces for the medical, call center, telephony and office areas

Product highlights

  • JAWS modules are available for various platforms from the office, call center, medical and telephony sectors
  • Increased efficiency by combining functions and program sequences within the application
  • Provision of functions for interaction with other applications
  • Automatic presentation of important information from the context of the application
  • Direct selection from other applications at the touch of a button

Product images

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