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Product: ZoomText


Find out how ZoomText can make your day-to-day work easier with its magnification, enlargement and screen reading tools. ZoomText was developed to meet the needs of visually impaired people of all ages with the goal of independence and productivity in personal, educational and professional computer use. The software is available as a Magnifier only and as a Magnifier with speech.
View over the shoulder of a dark-haired woman on whose monitor ZoomText is running

Product highlights

  • Powerful magnification windows, up to 60x
  • xFont technology
  • Multi-monitoring (max. 4)
  • Touchscreen capable
  • Variable monitor colors
  • Focus amplification, pointer locators
  • Enlargement of print material via standard HD webcam
  • Complete screen reading
  • AppReader
  • Definable reading zones
  • Echo function keyboard/mouse
  • Read aloud function from background applications
  • Selectable premium voices

Product images

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